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Garden Jobs for September

Its September and the leaves will be starting to turn into beautiful autumn colours and falling. The nights are creeping in and there is definately a lot of dew on the grass and plants on a morning now. There is something special about this time of year, yes its sad that we don’t get the long days, but its beautiful to wake up to crisp mornings and beautiful autumn colours. There is still much going on in the garden this month so put your jumper on and head outside for some fun in the garden.

Garden Jobs

  • Take cuttings of tender or borderline hardy perennials which you need to over winter under cover.
  • Keep feeding and deadheading your summer bedding.
  • Why not plant your next years end of summer autumn colors such as Heleniums.
  • Finish pruning your hedges
  • If your favorite perennials have finished flowering you can collect the seeds, dry them first before you store them either in a dark cupboard or in the fridge as i believe some people do.
  • Start planting your bulbs ready for spring. Tulips and daffodil make excellent displays in Spring.
  • Now is a good time to plant or move trees and shrubs before the soil becomes too hard and cold.
  • Scarify your lawns.

Veggie Plot Jobs

  • Harvest fruit as it become ripe, store appropriately.
  • Harvest corn on the cob/Maize, check its ready by squeezing the kernels which should be a milky liquid if ready.
  • Harvest your main crop potatoes, store in paper bags in a dark frost free place.
  • Sow your onion and shallot sets which are suitable for overwintering.

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