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Jobs for August

August is here and our gardens are at full swing, Summer is well underway. There are lots to do in the garden this month.

Garden Jobs

  • Plant your autumn bulbs such as Colchicum, Crocus and Nerine.
  • Prune back your lavender with an inch of new growth once flowered.
  • Keep cutting back your perennials as they finish flowering.
  • Now’s a good time to give your hedges a final trim.
  • If you have patches in your grass you can sow grass seeds in late August.
  • If you have a summer meadow and its finished for the season mow it and remove the arising’s.
  • Any container grown Camellias need to not be allowed to dry out as they are producing next years flower buds.
Picture of a Grape Vine

Picture of a Grape Vine

Kitchen Garden

  • Continue to pick your vegetables especially the fast growing ones that will continue to produce fruit after you have picked it.
  • You can now pick you main crop potatoes.
  • Prune your fruited canes of summer fruiting raspberries.
  • If your growing sweet corn harvest them when they are ready.
  • Some people like to grow green manure crops such as mustard that can be dug in over the autumn to help improve the soil.
  • You can harvest your onions when the stems have gone dry and papery.
  • If you want salad onions for next year now is a good time to plant them.




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